Brilliant Kids Competition!

One day I received this video from a friend...And it made me realize that we are not just a candy company for grown ups... Kids have taste too! So I decided to host a competition to give kids a chance to show us their creativity and whimsey which is what Bang Candy is all about!

The Bang Candy Company is inviting all talented kids across the world to create whimsical advertisements for any of our signature Bang treats!

1ST prize

Have your commercial posted on each of our social media sites for all to see PLUS $150 worth of FREE CANDY AND MERCH!

runner Up x 3

three runners up will receive a large box of mallows, a t-shirt and a bag of salted caramels!



The rules:

    1.    Each contestant must be thirteen years old or under to enter

    2.    Commercials must be under ONE MINUTE in length

    3.    Each entry must be submitted no later than SEPTEMBER 15th to qualify

    4.    Be as creative as you can! Extra points will be rewarded for inventiveness!!

    5.    Have a ton of fun doing this!


Please send your submissions and further inquiries to along with written permission from the parent or guardian of the participant.