Garden and Gun "Syrup with a Bang"

Syrup with a Bang

 Photo by Margret Houston 

Photo by Margret Houston 

Savor the flavors of summer

Canning isn't the only way to preserve a taste of summer. A new line of simple syrups from Nashville's Bang Candy Company captures a slew of fresh flavors, such as strawberry-mint, habanero-lime, and hibiscus-ginger. All you have to do is uncork the bottle.             
Music city fans first lined up for company founder and Ireland native Sarah Souther's gourmet marshmallows back in 2010, which she served with hot chocolate out of a food truck. “Then I started thinking about what I could do in summer,” she says. “In Ireland, it's popular to buy flavored syrups, but here you really don't see it. So I guess it's sort of an ode to my homeland.” The syrups are made, well, simply, by boiling sugar, water, and raw ingredients down to a concentrated essence of flavor. Experiment with them by shaking up your own inventive cocktails, or try adding a touch to Prosecco. They also make it a breeze to create custom-flavored sodas at home, like the strawberry-mint version below. So even as we say so long to summer, at least we can still look forward to sipping on its spoils.             

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