The Tennessean "Next Up: Sarah Souther"

Candy lady plans to open new store with a bang

Sept 25 2011
Bobby Allyn | The Tennessean
Age: 33
Company: The Bang Candy Co.

Background: Souther moved to Music City seven years ago from Tipperary, Ireland, where she studied film and, at one point, worked as a florist. She spent her formative years in the kitchen with her mom, a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. That is where Souther first experimented with edible artwork.

What she does: Makes specially wrapped artisanal marshmallows, some adorned in Belgian milk chocolate and flavored with rose cardamom, espresso or toasted coconut. She also sells ginger-rosemary, habanero-lime and other funky syrups served with soda water or Prosecco. She’ll soon branch into tea and even wine.

Store to open: Souther now sells confections from the window of a trailer fashioned after a miniature log cabin. She rents out a kitchen in East Nashville a few days a week to hammer out orders. But in about a month, she’ll launch her very own storefront at 1300 Clinton St. in Marathon Village. 

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