Large Gift Box

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Large Gift Box


Perfect for that special someone, or just for yourself to enjoy, our Large Gift Box is a treat for those with a sweet tooth! Loaded with marshmallows, caramels, and toffee, the large box even includes one of our famous flavored syrups, perfect for those warm holiday beverages!

Large Gift Box contains:

12 piece Mallow Box (original selection)*
Bag of Salted Caramels
Bag of Honeycomb Toffee
Bag of Boozy Caramels
A Bang Candy Mug
4 Vanilla Mallows
2 Hot Chocolates on a Stick
4oz Simple Syrup

*Original selection - Rose Cardamom, Toasted Coconut Almond, Chocolate Chili, Maple Bacon Bourbon, Whisper Creek Toffee.



No one likes melted chocolate! Due to the summer heat we are no longer shipping. We will resume shipping in the fall. However, if you cannot possibly live without our sweeties, please contact us directly to arrange insulated shipping.

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