Large Gift Box


Large Gift Box


Perfect for that special someone, or just for yourself to enjoy, our Large Gift Box is a treat for those with a sweet tooth! Loaded with marshmallows, caramels, and toffee, the large box even includes one of our famous flavored syrups, perfect for those warm holiday beverages!

Large Gift Box contains:

12 piece Mallow Box (original selection)*
Bag of Salted Caramels
Bag of Honeycomb Toffee
Bag of Boozy Caramels
A Bang Candy Mug
4 Vanilla Mallows
2 Hot Chocolates on a Stick
4oz Simple Syrup

*Original selection - Rose Cardamom, Toasted Coconut Almond, Chocolate Chili, Maple Bacon Bourbon, Whisper Creek Toffee.


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